Automated testing has become a great way protect applications from new bugs. Let’s look at a pattern that can be used to test components.

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You have at least a boilerplate Angular application (one generated using ng new <app-name> will work), set up with Jasmine and Karma. The code was written using Angular 11 and Angular CLI - the Test Wrapper pattern should work with any supported version of Angular. It is also expected that you will have Node and Git bash, set up on your machine.

First step is to generate a simple component using the command ng generate component…

A common design faux pas is a footer that decides to creep up to the middle of the page when there is not enough content to fill the page. The Sticky Footer pattern will put your application’s footer in its proper place.

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Let’s add a sticky footer to your web application.

Before starting, let’s go over a few requirements and assumptions. First, there should be an agreement on what defines a sticky footer pattern. …

Linters are used for two primary purposes; one is enforcing coding style within projects. The other is to protect applications, and developers, from logic and syntax errors in code. Here are several ESLint rules you can use to help with logic and syntax errors in JavaScript code.

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In order to use a linter in your JavaScript project, you should have the node installed on your local machine.

You will also need the npm eslint package installed, either globally on your machine or in your project’s node modules. To install eslint globally, run, npm install -g eslint. …

Git is part of most developers’ every day life. Many are not fully utilizing the features of git. Here are a few useful commands I use on a regular basis that help keep me productive and shipping code.

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1. git restore

The restore command can be used to remove changes you’ve made, on both staged and unstaged files. Here are two use cases of using the restore command.

Suppose that you are working on your branch. You’ve made changes to a few files, and realize you do not actually need any of these changes. Rather than going to the files in your editor…

Becoming proficient at git will quickly make you a valuable member of your team. The best way to learn a technology like git, is to your use. Here are few commands you will get you started working with remote repositories.

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In order to use these commands, you will want to have git, and Git Bash, installed on your machine. You can download Git here, it will give you the option to also install Git Bash. You will also want to sign up for a service that officers free online repertoires. …

Git is arguably the most popular source control system for current software development. Once a project and team begins to grow, how the repository holding its code is maintained can start to affect the efficiency of the development.

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These best practices will help keep repositories clean, help resolve any issues before they arise, keep the technical debt for projects to a minimum, and make project tracking easier and more accessible for the teams as they grow.

1 . Tagging and Versioning with a CHANGELOG

Once a project starts developing more features, you need to start tagging your releases. Many teams now are releasing new code every two weeks…

Git is one of the most widely used and popular version control systems for maintaining software source code. Once you start working on large projects with multiple team members, using version control becomes a necessity. This article will walk through basic git commands by creating a git repository on your local machine.

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In order to follow this article and run commands as you read, you will want to have Git Bash installed on your machine. You can download Git here. At the time of publication, the latest stable version of Git for windows was used, which was version 2.30.1.


Angular 9 is out, and with it a new version of Angular CLI. Creating a boiler plate application with Angular 9 continues to be incredibly simple and easy. This article will walk through how to create a basic application, and how to take advantage of the features included in a basic Angular 9 project.

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There are a few requirements you’ll need on your machine if you want to follow this article and create the application. This is for users on Windows 10 machines, but since we are going to be using Git Bash, users on a Macs and Linux will…

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